Top 10 Telugu Patriotic National Songs

National Songs In Telugu

Since after the Independence many Telugu Patriotic Songs were written by number of Writers. Some of them were Included in Telugu films.

Renowed Musican and Singer Ghantasala too composed some of the Patriotic Songs. Below we are giving you the Best Selected Patriotic Songs In Telugu. Share these and Play them on the Occasion of Independence day or on any particular moment.

10 Telugu Patriotic Songs

1. Janani Janmabhoomischa

2. Ye Deahamegina Endu kaaledina – Badri

3. Gandhi Puttina Desham

4. Telugu Veera Levara

5. Punya Bhoomi Naa Desham

6. Meme Indians

7. Maa Tujhe Salaam

8. Desham Manade Tejam Manade

9. Padavoyi Bharateeyuda

10. Srilu Pongina Jeeva Gaddaku

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